"Reel in" customers with great design.

Imagine two fishermen. Fisherman #1 wakes up early and heads for the coast with a well-maintained boat, a new fishing pole, and a tackle box full of the best lures and gear.

Fisherman #2 wakes up late with a hangover, has to fix his broken-down pickup truck before he can tow his broken-down boat all the way to the coast. He figures he will find some frozen bait somewhere. On his way south, he forgets that his rod and reel are still hanging up in the shed.

Question: Who’s gonna catch the fish?
Question: Which fisherman are you?

So, here is the point of this funny analogy: When fishing, being organized, prepared, and outfitted with the gear you need is mighty important. And, our business is no different.

We have been busy this year launching a number of combined website/email campaigns for growing small businesses. These custom-designed websites and email templates are created in a way that makes them easy and economical to update by your organization. And, best of all, they are such a bargain that your return on investment will be rapid.

Great design and effective tools for communication are no longer a luxury. Your customers need to know what’s happening with your excellent organization.

At Van Wyk Design, we can outfit you with a simple and systematic approach toward online marketing.

Ready to go fishing?

—Joe Van Wyk