During step three we will EMPOWER you to achieve your goals. Search around and you'll find a million cookie-cutter "website builders" out there. Living Water Websites are different. Our follow-through system includes monthly consulting, ongoing goal reviews, and frequent site updates. You get to focus on your expertise while leaving the specialized job of online marketing to us.

Online Marketing Consulting (and Therapy)

You'll notice that we don't rave about how "easy" it will be to create your new web presence. No, it takes valuable time and resources. Sadly, over and over, companies get this far, only to let their online marketing engine grow outdated and stale.

We created Living Water Websites for businesses that care about follow through. We become an extension of your marketing team, working with you on a (normally) monthly basis to review your vision, goals, and action steps. We assess the past month and make realistic goals for the month ahead. All of our clients have access to project management software that helps keep everyone coordinated.

People say we are great encouragers. Truth is, the speed of business is mighty fast these days. And, "keeping up with technology" is probably not in your mission statement. Let us help you maintain and empower a world-class web presence.


Part of empowering you to "own" your online marketing success is training. We'll show you and your staff how easy it is to create a new article, blog post, photo gallery, or any of the other features of our powerful content management system.

In addition to our one-on-one help, we offer an intuitive library of powerful information to make the most of your website. Before you know it, you'll actually be having fun at it!

The image you see here is an example of how the text editor of your future website will look. If you can use Microsoft Word or a similar word processor, believe us, we can teach you to do some pretty cool things with your Living Water Website.




There was recently an entertaining episode of the show "Pawn Stars" on the "History Channel." In the episode, Rick, owner of the pawn shop, lost his shirt after buying a perpetual motion Atmos clock that needed serious repair.

The concept of "perpetual motion" has inspired many engineers, including those of the Atmos clock. Just imagine a machine that indefinitely produces more energy than it consumes.

O.K.  We can see it on your face. You're asking: "this has to do with websites how??? 

Just as mankind hasn't created the perfect, self-fueling machine, we also haven't invented a website that allows us to "set it and forget it." So, until Ron Popeil of "Ronco" fame creates a no-maintenance, no-fuss website, we are going to have to make use of numerous effective tools for promoting our websites. These include social networking, email marketing, web advertising, expanding your site, and expanding your audience.