Step two is when we CREATE your website. We develop a simple plan, helping you assemble all of the content that we need to include in your new site. This is the phase where we begin copywriting. We design your site's graphics and architecture. After you are delighted with the design, we will program your site. After all of the content is placed into your new site it is made live! 


Ready, shoot, aim!

Sound familiar? How many times have we done things like building a shed in the backyard only to realize in the end that the door is too narrow for the lawnmower? Or how about dear old dad throwing the the instructions aside for Johnny's Christmas bicycle? "Hmmm. I wonder where those extra bolts belong?"

There is a better way. All of our Living Water Websites are thoroughly planned out from the get-go, expecially for your needs.

The truth is, we are designers at heart. And, no one knows more than we do how easy it is to go into "art mode" before "plan mode." However, experience shows that taking time up front to answer important questions with our clients results in time saved and a more focused site that reflects your business' unique needs.

During the planning stage we will ascertain your websites size, use, scope, sections, timeline, look-and-feel, and the team members involved.


Assembling Content

Ever watched one of those home makeover shows on TV? Many times a seemingly useless relic will become the centerpiece of a new room.

When we design your Living Water Website, there will likely be elements—whether they be compelling bits of copy or images that capture your company's identity—that we will use in a better way or a new place.

During the "Assembling Content" step we will do a thorough inventory of your relevant past marketing pieces, utilizing the best of each.



Quick!: What do a white canvas, a blank Word doc, and an empty journal page have in common?  The answer?  Panic!

Not all of us graduated with English degrees. However, the "informal authoring" venues of blogs, emails, and social media have made writers of us all, whether we like it or not. So we are all rockin' writers, right? After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Unfortunately, wrong. "Copy that sells" is different than just words on a screen. Remember the "why people buy your product" notes? We will work with you to create fantastic copy that communicates benefits. Most Living Water Website projects include several hours of professional copywriting time to take your words to the next level.



So! By this time we have walked through the challenging Discovery stage, answering questions about where we are now, where we want to go, and how we're going to get there. We then entered into the Create stage, where we have been planning, assembling our content, and writing copy.

Time to design a website. Believe us when we say that going off to the mountaintop to summon the most creative website ever imagined can be a lonely experience. We're talkin' sweating bullets here. That is, of course, if we skipped the preliminary work. And, of course, we didn't.This is where the legwork pays off because our message is going to drive our design.

Many times a website concept comes at the end of a #2 pencil on a designer's desk. Sometimes a website's design comes while at a stoplight. Or, at the first client meeting. Wherever it comes, we will capture the concept, do a lot of scribbling, run it past cohorts, work our magic on the computer, and eventually we'll show you one or two concepts for your new website

We want you to be delighted with the design of your new website. We work with you to make it something that uniquely captures the look-and-feel of your organization.



After you approve the design of your new site, we commence the programming phase. Usually this takes around two weeks, at which time you will see online proofs.

All of our sites are programmed with the most modern standards, making them look great whether you're using a Mac or a PC, Safari or Internet Explorer.



Each of our Living Water Websites goes through a proofing checklist before going live.

We check for things you don't see such as search engine keywords, and proper code. We also check for the obvious, such as misspelling and typos.




So far, you have methodically gone through the Discovery process, uncovering who you are, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there. We have worked together on your site by planning, assembling content, copywriting, designing, programming, and proofing copy.

We now point your domain name to your new website, and viola!, the World Wide Web welcomes its newest child (man, that was cheesy!)

Read on for the best part of the whole process, Empower