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If you are like most professionals who are searching for more effective ways to promote their organizations online, you have a ton of questions. Tough questions. Well, we will do our best to answer them. We have been at this since Microsoft debut Internet Explorer. And, web design is our passion. Please have a look at the questions below and contact us with any others you might have.

"Living Water? What's that all about?"

Well, we're glad you asked.

The idea of "Living Water" comes from the Bible in the 4th Chapter of John. Jesus was sitting next to a well, tired from a long journey. A Samaritan woman approached the well, and Jesus asked her for water (a big no-no back then). The woman at the well asked Jesus why he would ask her for water. She identified herself as a lowly woman. A second-class citizen.

That's when Jesus says that it really should be her asking him for the water. He said this wasn't the kind of water you drink that leaves you thirsty again a little while later. Rather, it is some sort of mystery water that leaves you without thirst. As you might imagine, this would be quite appealing to someone who makes a hilly trek over and over, day after day, to carry back heavy buckets of water.

We know from the rest of the story that Jesus is referring to the "water" of salvation, which involves a faith-acceptance of Him. He is also referring to the Holy Spirit, who lives with those who make the decision of faith. We can trust God's indwelling presence to guide us, comfort us, and counsel us along our  journey.


So, what does "Living Water" have to do with a company that designs really cool websites?

 Thanks so much for the compliment!

 "Living Water Websites" is the website division of Van Wyk Design, a mega-multinational corporation based in San Antonio, Texas (OK, maybe we're not that big in number, but we're big in heart!) 

We are people of faith, and we do our best to demonstrate that faith in our careers and our finances. God has given all of us gifts and talents. It is our passion to use these abilities to help others reach their highest potential.

"Living Water" also symbolizes our philosophy about website marketing. We developed our "Discover, Create, Empower" system after years of experience with what works, and quite honestly, what doesn't. Creating a snazzy- looking website is misdirected if it doesn't reflect the company's mission, strengths, and goals. Similarly, The best of websites can die on the vine if it is not routinely reviewed, expanded upon and marketed. Just as water flowing from a spring is fresh and saturates the area around it, we seek to create websites that will bring transformative energy to your company.


"I know my website looks like something out of the early-Clinton years, but I'm really swamped right now. Isn't this going to take up a bunch of my time?"

Launching a new website involves a lot of decisions, writing, creativity, and energy. So, in that sense, yes, it can take up considerable time.

It's almost comical to see all of the "5-minute website" tools out there. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to success in your online marketing program. What we can do for you is walk you through our proven process that yields your desired results: customers, exposure, sales, or communication. And since part of our process involves routine reviews and updates, your site will stay fresh.


"But my graphics are so lame! My logo was done by my ex-brother-in-law's daughter, I can't stand the color of my website, and our photography is of products we don't even sell anymore."

Wow! You need some help! Fortunately, we know just the people for the job. Living Water Websites is part of Van Wyk Design, and we have provided graphic design services to businesses and organizations since 1996. Please have a look at our portfolio here: